Simple password manager using gpg


Getting started

pass init

where is the ID used for your gpg key

Setting up a shared pass git repository

On server create user passuser Then as this user:

mkdir pass.git
git init --bare pass.git

On your workstation:

If you don't already have gpg key:

gpg --gen-key

and import pubkey(s) of other user(s):

gpg --import hisid

To make gpg use group, add to .gnupg/gpg.conf:

group ourgroup yourid hisid
default-key <your key id> ?

Slightly less secure but very convenient:


and then add .ssh/ to .ssh/authorized_keys on server

Then init pass: If you use groups:

pass init ourgroup

pass git init
pass git remote add origin
pass git push --set-upstream origin master
pass git push

Now all it takes to add keys is:

pass add someserver/someaccount
pass git push

and on other system

pass git pull

On another system you can clone then:

git clone .password-store

ACHTUNG any user who edits or adds keys needs the public keys of all group members!

additional commands