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Building zabbix-proxy on ubuntu

On Ubuntu-22.04 i had:

./configure --enable-agent --enable-proxy --with-sqlite3 --with-openipmi --with-net-snmp --with-gnutls --with-libcurl


apt-get install gcc make libsqlite3-dev zlib1g-dev libevent-dev libpcre3-dev libsnmp-dev libopenipmi-dev libgnutls28-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev

Zabbix proxy was compiled without VMware support

apt install libxml2-dev



configure: error: LIBXML2 library not found

apt install pkg-config


Cannot find module (IF-MIB): At line 1 in (none)

Check /etc/snmp/snmp.conf for

mibs +ALL

cannot send list of active checks

See Zabbix#cannot_send_list_of_active_checks

cannot accept connection from proxy

If you see this in server log, check:

Administration->Proxies->Your proxy->Proxy addresses

Nodata and proxy

Zabbix proxy poller processes more than 75% busy

A passive proxy went away?

Zabbix unreachable poller processes more than 75% busy


cannot send heartbeat message

Proxy wrong version?

Zabbix poller processes more than 75% busy

Zabbix does not support SQLite3 database upgrade.

Stop the proxy and (re)move the .db file

[Z3002] cannot create database 'zabbix_proxy': [0] unable to open database file

fix DBName

cannot initialize database: cannot open database

Probably fresh install, in case of sqlite: In proxy config:


and restart zabbix-proxy

Cannot parse heartbeat from active proxy

TBD, probably name issue

Troubleshoot high queue on proxy

TLS read fatal alert "unknown PSK identity"

Could mean you forgot


in proxy config

poller data processes


cannot obtain data from proxy "proxybox": ZBX_TCP_READ() failed: [104] Connection reset by peer

Could be a proxy configured passive, and it's unreachable

force "sending configuration data to proxy"

zabbix_proxy -R config_cache_reload