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Zabbix API

Installing from git

git clone
cd zabbix 








probably the one to look for



Mysql template



Adjust loglevel

zabbix_server --runtime-control log_level_increase=trapper


Reload zabbix server configuration

You can't, but you might want

zabbix_server -c /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf -R config_cache_reload


No media defined for user

The frontend does not match Zabbix database.

Probably version conflict between frontend and server


value cache working in low memory mode

Increase ValueCacheSize



Zabbix does not support SQLite3 database upgrade.

Stop the proxy and (re)move the .db file

[Z3002] cannot create database 'zabbix_proxy': [0] unable to open database file

fix path


Cannot parse heartbeat from active proxy

TBD, probably name issue

Troubleshoot high queue on proxy

poller data processes


cannot obtain data from proxy "proxybox": ZBX_TCP_READ() failed: [104] Connection reset by peer



force "sending configuration data to proxy"

zabbix_proxy -R config_cache_reload


Front end

Visable name vs hostname

Visible name: {HOST.NAME}

Hostname: {HOST.HOST}

Host IP: (as defined in Interface->IP/DNS) {HOST.CONN}


Cannot find host interface on "xxxhost" for item key foo

Might mean you're trying to import an SNMP template before configuring SNMP for the host



No SNMP data

snmp_parse_oid(): cannot parse OID "IF-MIB::ifSpeed.3

Agent side ping check

UserParameter=pingtime[*],fping -e $1|sed 's/^.*(\([0-9].*\) ms).*$/\1/g'
UserParameter=pingalive[*],fping $1|grep -q alive;echo $?



IPMI errors

cannot connect to IPMI host: [22] Operation canceled

Usually temporary because of broken ipmi lib, ignore it

cannot connect to IPMI host: [16777411] Unknown error 16777411

another classic

cannot connect to IPMI host: [22] Invalid argument


processed: 0; failed: 1

Possible causes:

  • incorrect hostname
  • incorrect item key
  • item not in the server configuration cache yet
  • Allowed hosts in trapper item
  • phase of moon
  • aliens


Testing zabbix_sender

zabbix_sender stuff


The regular expressions referred to in discovery are found under Administration->General, and then "Regular expressions" in the dropdown at top right of the page

cannot connect to IPMI host: [125] Operation canceled

possibly authentication method issue

Discover: value must be a JSON object

Could mean you need to escape slashes


Cannot create item: Invalid first parameter

Problably a calculated item, try doublequoting the item key:



Install recent zabbix on CentOS/RHEL

rpm -ivh
yum install zabbix-agent

Discovery data example

Output of a discovery script should look like:


Backing up tables


cannot send list of active checks

If in agent log: most likely ServerActive is defined in agent config, while not used at all

It is also possible agent is sending some active check to server while host is monitored via proxy.

Latest 20 issues

DEFAULT_LATEST_ISSUES_CNT in/usr/share/zabbix/include/

Zabbix unreachable poller processes more than 75% busy

Increase StartPollersUnreachable

More than 100 items having missing data for more than 10 minutes

Could be high load. Also check Administration->Queue

Zabbix escalator processes more than 75% busy

probably high system load overall

Check agent

zabbix_get -s -k agent.version


Could be anything, enable logging on agent. It could be version mismatch. Check

zabbix_get -s yourhost -k agent.version

If that works, you're calling for an undefined or unsupported key.

Incorrect trigger expression. Host "xx" does not exist or you have no access to this host.

Means there's no related item.

zabbix_get returns nothing

best look at log on agent side

run playbook on single host

ansible_playbook -l somehost somplay.yml



Zabbix server is not running: the information displayed may not be current

Might be selinux:




Monitoring vmware

vmware.hv.cpu.usage[{$URL},{HOST.HOST}]" became not supported: Couldn't resolve host name

Set macro {$URL} to https://your.ip/sdk/ (shouldn't discovery figure that out from {$HOST} ?

Couldn't resolve host name

Sometimes it's a matter of waiting a few hours


vmware events collector returned empty result


No "vmware collector" processes started.

Check StartVMwareCollectors on server or proxy

unsupported item key

This might mean it's expecting a value from the script you're calling.

echo 1

ansible or API not showing host groups

Permissions!! See Administration->User Groups


failed to update local proxy configuration copy: invalid field name "items.lastlogsize"

check everything :)

Received value [11] is not suitable for value type [Numeric (unsigned)] and data type [Decimal]

This probably means the agent returned 1\n1


database is down: retrying in 10 seconds

try upping max_connections

[Incorrect key file for table 'items'; try to repair it

Could be something /tmp related



another network error, wait for 8 seconds


failed: first network error

Setting Timeout in server configuration


no active checks on server




show cpu utilization