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  yum list-security -q --errorlevel=0
  yum list-security -q --errorlevel=0
==Which repository is a package from?==
repoquery <packagename>

==Clear cache==
==Clear cache==

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Show installed packages

yum list installed

What provides a certain file

yum whatprovides

Which package does a file belong to?

yum -qf /bin/bash

Which packages depend on a package

yum deplist <packagename>

Check updates

yum check-update -q

Check security updates

HAHA GOTCHA! no security metadata on CentOS! There is for EPEL though. see https://access.redhat.com/solutions/10021 On CentOS 6 first install

yum install yum-plugin-security
yum list-security -q --errorlevel=0

Which repository is a package from?

repoquery <packagename>

Clear cache

yum clean all


yum clean all --enablerepo='*'

List files from package

repoquery -l somepackage

Updateinfo file is not valid XML

remove yum-cron