Soft phones

  • sjphone ( sound failing, the slides won't move, register nonsense )
  • Jitsi
  • ekiga ( gnome but actually working, once you realise to dial sip:234345345)
  • X-lite (xtensoftphone) ( the only one that works, but binary )
  • twinkle ( won't run when asterisk is on same system, socket udp/5060 already in use) but it works, and looks rather nice (discontinued?)
  • wengophone ( tends to segfault )
  • linphone ( seems to work now )
  • kphone (config dialog doesn't allow entering password) make sure to get kphoneSI which installs as kpsi (also very obscure in registering with asterisk)
  • yate ( starts and then does nothing )


calling landlines through asterisk