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Installing on Ubuntu



Run occ as apache

sudo -u www-data php occ whatevercommand


Web upgrader is under "Overview", not "Version"

Check for expected files, The following extra files have been found:

Probably files in install root dir

Stops at X Create backup

Check data/updater.log

apache error log: Client denied by server configuration: .ocdata

That's from the Overview test cycle, so in fact a good sign


nextcloud and yubikey

Works using the U2F app

Location of the logfile

Nextcloud in snap

Location of data


<your installation>/data/nextcloud.log

File encoding for /<user>/files/foo.txt is not UTF-8. This may cause problems.

file contains non-UTF-8 characters


The files you are trying to upload exceed the maximum size for file uploads on this server.


Can't find ldap user

Even though admin interface "verify user" works:

php occ ldap:check-user foo

Cannot check user existence, because disabled LDAP configurations are present.

Admin interface, under LDAP / AD integration ->Advanced "Configuration active"

 php occ ldap:check-user foo --force


Access forbidden CSRF check failed

another mystery


Import data

occ files:scan <userid>

or in snap:

(sudo) nextcloud.occ files:scan <userid>

Uknown user 1

It needs the user ID, not name


Request failed with status code 500

Unexpected error during account creation

Try enabling mail_smtpdebug

MP4 not playing

Could be HCEV/H.265 which is not supported by browsers because of patents. Try converting with ffmpeg.

Update needed

And occ upgrade failing, try setting version in config.php to version reported by occ --version

The PHP OPcache module is not loaded

try uncommenting


and remember to restart php-fpm as well as apache