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Home automation



Brands/marketing blabla

  • Philips Hue: zigbee
  • Fibaro (z-wave)
  • LSC Smart Connect (Action)
  • Homekit (Apple), proprietary?
  • Coco, kaku, klikaan-klikuit: "433MHz"
  • IKEA Trådfri: zigbee/zigbee3.0
  • Sonof proprietary zigbee/wifi, some have flashable esp8266
  • WiFi Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant


Protocol Marketing/compatible Gateway Account
Zigbee Hue, Trådfri zigbee X
?? Apple Homekit ? ?
443 CoCo, KikU rfxtrx X
WiFi Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant wifi depends?
Z-Wave Fibaro, Toon ? ?
Proprietary Sonoff ?
Proprietary? Tuya wifi? V
Proprietary Somfy ? V?



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