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*[ A borg script]  
*[ A borg script]  

*[ Vorta, a borg backup GUI for Linux and MacOS]

= FAQ =
= FAQ =

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Borg backup




Remote: Using a pure-python msgpack! This will result in lower performance

On CentOS: try installing python34-msgpack?


Connection closed by remote host. Is borg working on the server?

maybe you're using '@borgserver' instead of 'user@borgserver' ?



Error messages

BlockingIOError: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable


Corrupted segment reference count - corrupted index or hints

For some reason it might help to run

borg check --repository-only

Exception: FD exception occurred

Probably running borg on cygwin, could be ssh key issue. Try

BORG_RSH="ssh -vvv" borg ...

Also check your quotes


Cache, or information obtained from the security directory is newer than repository - this is either an attack or unsafe (multiple repos with same ID)

Something broke during a backup, try (re)moving ~/.config/borg/security/<id> and ~/.cache/borg/<id>.


Prune: Chunk ID missing from chunks index, corrupted chunks index - aborting transaction.


borg check ( --repair )

ValueError: stats_against: key contained in self but not in master_index.


borg check ( --repair )

BrokenPipeError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe

Rename repository

  • On server: rename repository
  • On client: change previous_location in ~/.cache/borg/*.config

Extract with pattern

borg extract server:repo sh:path/to/files.*

4 orphaned objects found!

job for borg check